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Self catering spacious accommodation for all groups

The Farmhouse is situated in Mid Wales, in a forest near the market town of Brecon.

As it is sole occupancy, only your party will be using the Farmhouse for the duration of your stay. Scroll down more to see details about our facilities...


Plenty of room to cater for a full house with crockery, cutlery and full cookware for catering. There also two large 8 burner gas cookers with integrated electric ovens with large extractor hood, two toasters, two kettles and a microwave along with three fridge freezers to store chilled/frozen food.


Large lounge with a lovely wood burning stove and ample space to use as a common area.

Lobby Area

Plenty of room to hang coats and store outside shoes. Along with a utility cupboard with cleaning equipment and a phone for emergency use.

Sleeping arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are 2 dormitories and 3 bedrooms with beds and mattresses.

Dormitory Two

Sleeps 12 in an arrangement of bunkbeds

Bedroom Two

Sleeps 4 in an arrangement of one bunkbed, one single bed and a high sleeper

Free Wifi

Free Wifi is available throughout the building. Speeds may vary due to the distance from the local exchange.


An area with four kitchen sinks and a large pot wash sink. There is plenty of space for groups to split the washing up giving more time to the next activity, whether this be adventurous or just chilling.

Drying Room

With plenty of room to dry wet clothes.
This is metered and requires £1 and £2 coins. There are two spin dryers in the scullery to remove excess water. 


Segregated Male and Female washrooms with private staff washrooms. Each washroom has two sinks, two showers and two toilets. The two staff washrooms have one shower, one toilet and one sink in each and it is up to you who uses them.

Dormitory One

Sleeps 14 in an arrangement of bunkbeds

Bedroom One

Sleeps 4 in an arrangement of bunkbeds

Bedroom Three

Sleeps 1 - One single bed


Private parking, accommodating up to eight vehicles will be available during your reservation

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